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Day 13 – The Right Idea

Today I’m going to share a video from a group in Bolivia called Sobre la Roca. It discusses the disproportionate suffering of women and children, and shows how women must play an important role in the fight against indoor cooking smoke.

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Day 12 – Together We Can Move Mountains

We live in the sunny Southwest, New Mexico to be exact. And sunny is an understatement. Like much of the west, we have our local mountains, the Organs. They are beautiful, and like all landscapes have a beauty that changes forms throughout the day. On a clear summer evening they are rosy pink fading to purple through the sunset, and on a chilly winter morning the clouds move on to reveal snow dusted caps. Our mountains are but a mirror held up to life, children grow and cities become ancient ruins, each with their own beauty in season.

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Day 11 – Unintended Consequences

I bet you slept a little in high school, didn’t you? You aren’t fooling anyone here, mister. You only have yourself to blame for today’s post then, because we need to make up for some lost time.

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Day 4 – Character Development

We’ve met the antagonist in our play, Smoke. He’s quite a naughty fellow, and he isn’t alone. Let’s meet his buddy, Three Rocks. These two make quite an ensemble, you won’t find one without the other. Three Rocks is the progenitor to Smoke, and he’s been around a long time. But what are the origins of Three Rocks? How did he get caught up in all this?

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