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Brazil Recession: Taking a Step Down the Energy Ladder?

Brazil’s economy shrank by almost 4% last year, as it has been enduring the longest recession since the 30’s. How does this relate to dirty cooking and the average Brazilians place on the energy ladder?

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A Problem Without End? Not on Our Watch!

We’ve touched on the topic of poverty and how it is a cycle that has to be broken before, but there’s always room for a little more perspective. As humans, we easily lose touch with things. Friends, family, the outside world, all are fair game.

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Reality Check

UPDATE – This post is NOT political in nature… I kinda goofed on the intro, my apologies. If you haven’t watched the attached video, please do, this man is a treasure of our age.

I can contain myself no longer. Our purpose at Pasqual is not political per se, but politics is an inevitable part of life. Politicians make decisions for us, and the world, every day. Some of these decisions are good, some are bad. Likewise, some politicians are good, and some are bad. Some we hold in high regard, others we cast into the fire.

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A Vicious Cycle

Have you ever been depressed? Kind of a stupid question, I know. Did you notice how, when you were feeling down, those little things in life that you would otherwise handle were, all of a sudden, big deals? Yes, I know you have. The phenomenon is similar to what audio engineers call a feedback loop, which you know as that horrible screech you get when you bring a microphone close to a speaker. Continue reading A Vicious Cycle