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Earth Day 2016 @ NMSU

Earth Day turns 46 this year, and it sure is aging well. This year’s celebrations will see the signing of the landmark Paris Agreement, which take significant strides to help correct climate change, and in which clean cooking takes a role.

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Open Meetings – Tuesdays in April

Andale Restaurant in Mesilla has graciously agreed to host meetings for us  every Tuesday in April, from 6-8pm in the Banquet Room.

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Pasqual Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

This morning we launched our crowdfunding campaign, please follow this link and find out how you can help!

Cooking Smoke – The Secret Killer in Latin America

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Pasqual Comes to Life

The day is nigh and the hour is upon us! Pasqual has lauched our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo’s platform Generosity.

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Questions & Answers

Ok, we’re back. While we were gone, a disturbing problem arose. The problem was this: people don’t seem to know what we are going to do with all this clean cooking business. We’ve got solar ovens and improved cookstoves, we’ve talked about poverty in Latin America, we’ve talked about the dangers of cooking smoke. But what does it all boil down to?

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Weekend News Update

Several short news briefs on the Pasqual front. As you may have seen, we have a new logo. Much praise and thanks to the design team at Aloki Design Studio, our boundless gratitude goes out to them!

We have added a little “Guide to Pasqual” in the top menu bar, please check it out.

The outdoor demonstration kitchen is nearly completed, see pics below…

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Under Construction, Literally

Sorry for the absence of riveting new posts about solar ovens and improved cookstoves, but the Pasqual team is busy building our very own outdoor demonstration kitchen. Please stay tuned for some exciting videos demonstrating all of our partners wonderful clean cooking technology, and you might even get a glimpse at my ugly mug in the process…

See you soon!

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Grassroots Only Go So Deep

It’s politic’n season out there, and the word “grassroots” gets thrown around a lot, probably more often than is really deserved. I think we all identify with the nature of any grassroots movement, that being one derived from the “people” instead of “The Man”. Who doesn’t root for the underdog some of the time?

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E Pluribus Unum

Out of many, one. You probably know this famous Latin phrase as one of our national mottoes, printed on the Great Seal of the United States. The implication is that we collectively form one, a united body.  People come together for a variety of reasons; religion, social interests, education, even a friendly card game. We form clubs and churches, bowling leagues and secret societies. All of these groups form for a reason, usually to benefit either themselves or others in some way. Pasqual was formed for a reason as well.

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Day 17 – Helter-Skelter

Many moons ago we bought a pop-up camper, and many fun family trips ensued. We got a Suburban to help pull it, and to fit all of our camping accoutrement. At the time gas cost just over a dollar a gallon, so it’s thirsty habits were not much of a concern. Well, we all remember what happened after that, don’t we! Forget long trips, we even had to sell the camper. These days the price of gas has gone down a lot; I’m sure when the gas company realizes it has an overdue book from the library we will be thrust back to 2008.

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Day 15 – The Road Is Long…

With many a winding turn… You may know this song by the Hollies, or maybe you don’t. It’s a sappy song about helping people. When I joined the fire department 18 years ago, it was used on our union promo video. It’s a poignant song, and can be applied skillfully to many situations. It fit well in the fire department setting, where we look on each other as brothers. Since I’m a sap, I get choked up every time I hear it.

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Day 12 – Together We Can Move Mountains

We live in the sunny Southwest, New Mexico to be exact. And sunny is an understatement. Like much of the west, we have our local mountains, the Organs. They are beautiful, and like all landscapes have a beauty that changes forms throughout the day. On a clear summer evening they are rosy pink fading to purple through the sunset, and on a chilly winter morning the clouds move on to reveal snow dusted caps. Our mountains are but a mirror held up to life, children grow and cities become ancient ruins, each with their own beauty in season.

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Day 11 – Unintended Consequences

I bet you slept a little in high school, didn’t you? You aren’t fooling anyone here, mister. You only have yourself to blame for today’s post then, because we need to make up for some lost time.

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Day 9 – What’s So Special About Pasqual?

We’ve covered a lot of ground in the last eight days. We’ve introduced you to our Cook, we’ve shown how she and her family suffer at the hands of cooking smoke, we’ve talked a bit about the poverty cycle, and we’ve introduced you to some solutions that exist to help Cook out of her predicament. But what does Pasqual have to do with that, and what makes Pasqual so different from the status quo?

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Day 5 – Preparing to Take the Stage

All is not lost, dear friends. We have heard about the dangers of cooking smoke, and about the hungry habits of the traditional “three rock stove”. They are but a mere dark lining to our silver cloud. We at Pasqual are working with the best in the industry to develop a menu of technologies that are perfectly suited for our Cook, and it is our ultimate goal to develop a sustainable, appropriate, affordable system making them all available to her.

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Day 4 – Character Development

We’ve met the antagonist in our play, Smoke. He’s quite a naughty fellow, and he isn’t alone. Let’s meet his buddy, Three Rocks. These two make quite an ensemble, you won’t find one without the other. Three Rocks is the progenitor to Smoke, and he’s been around a long time. But what are the origins of Three Rocks? How did he get caught up in all this?

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Day 2 – Cooking Smoke – The Numbers

Mara and I wake up every morning and put the kettle on for the coffee. Maybe we’ll have some eggs for breakfast, maybe not. Later in the day some quesadillas perhaps, or brown some meat for spaghetti. Boil the noodles. Who want’s a delicious cup of Mexican hot chocolate? The mechanics of cooking never enter our thoughts, we just turn the knob and out comes the gas, quick as you please. Rarely do we even think about turning on the kitchen vent, this ignominy is usually reserved for burned tortillas or popcorn. Call it taking things for granted if you want, we live in a world where cooking is relatively consequence-free. Sure, maybe we shouldn’t have another quesadilla, at least the quesadilla isn’t going to give us emphysema.

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Day 1 – Happy New Year, a time to reinvent yourself

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep, and the time to take that step is upon us. I’m very proud to be able to introduce Pasqual, our new organization. But before I elaborate on what Pasqual is, I have to raise a question… what is an organization? Why do we have them, what purpose do they serve? I’m not going to play the role of interweb dictionary, but instead I’ll offer my own interpretation of what organizations are and why we have them.

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