Earth Day 2016 @ NMSU

Earth Day turns 46 this year, and it sure is aging well. This year’s celebrations will see the signing of the landmark Paris Agreement, which take significant strides to help correct climate change, and in which clean cooking takes a role.

A short video from last year’s Earth Day celebration, hosted by Global Citizen

Pasqual is proud to be participating in this year’s Earth Day celebrations at New Mexico State University on Sunday, April 17th. We will be showcasing clean cooking technology, discussing the plight of cooks in the developing world, and helping people understand how dirty cooking contributes to climate change. It will be hosted on NMSU’s Horseshoe from noon to 6pm.


Here are a few short facts about the impact dirty cooking has on our global environment…

  • Dirty cooking smoke contributes 25% of atmospheric black carbon (BC), a shorter lived and more potent greenhouse emission than carbon dioxide. Lowering BC emissions has a greater impact on climate change pound for pound than lowering CO2.
  • 34% of wood harvesting for fuel is unsustainable, leading to deforestation, forest degradation, and climate change.

21 insane photos of the effects of climate change – Global Citizen

If you haven’t had a chance to read our post on deforestation, here’s a quick reminder link. Be sure to watch the 60 second Amazon deforestation video, it gives us a nice perspective from space.

Day 19 – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

And, as always, please stop and take a look at our crowdfunding webpage. Pasqual needs your help, every penny counts, to put an end to clean cooking in Latin America.

See you Sunday, April 17th!

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