Laying the Foundation

Referring back to our post two days ago, we were dealing with the question of what Pasqual is doing. We’ve talked about health issues and clean cooking technology, but what comes next? Where does the rubber meet the road?

What happens three years later? What do we plan on doing with the fruits of our three year slog through the Latin American hinterland? Well, much of that depends on the actual outcome of the research, but we will take a few predictive stabs at what is expected.

Can we get some privacy, please?
Can we get some privacy, please?

After Mara and I drive back north over the Mexican border and take a few moments to wipe the dust off our weary feet and set our house back in order, Pasqual will metamorphose from a personal project into a full-blown incorporated entity. We already have five partners, all listed in the right column of our website. We are currently lacking a partner to provide pressure cookers, but I’m certain that will work itself out somehow. We also have the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves in our corner, so things are well in hand at this point.

One thing to keep in mind during all of this, every step taken will be with the ultimate goal of developing a self-sustaining distribution, education, and financing network whose only purpose is to get a wide array of clean cooking technology into the hands of every single person in Latin America who needs it.

I see an endless stream of bureaucracy in your future... and cheeseburgers. Lots of cheeseburgers.
I see an endless stream of bureaucracy in your future… and cheeseburgers. Lots of cheeseburgers.

Pasqual will likely develop along two parallel lines, one “domestic” and one “international”. The international groups are the functional groups, who provide the actual meat on the bones. These groups are likely to be country-based, with a small central staff and distributed groups doing the actual work. Education and finance are the biggest impediments, so these will likely take up the bulk of each groups resources. Distribution is a challenge, but our hope is that the infrastructure in Latin America will be advanced enough to negate any need to build up an actual network of our own.

The function of the domestic network would be general oversight, as well as the daunting task of establishing each of the international groups. Fundraising, developing and maintaining partnerships, and dealing with the political issues would also be under the purview of the domestic group.

So, you see, Pasqual is just a tiny little caterpillar right now. A caterpillar in kindergarten, actually. But we have aspirations of greatness. We understand that we are generating a lifetime of work to be done, but if not us, who?

And we need you. We have eight days left before our fundraising campaign launches, and we desperately need our grassroots to spring forth in support.


If not you, who?

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