What does Sancho Panza have to do with clean cooking?

You may know Sancho Panza as the proto-sidekick and voice of reason in Don Quixote, but did you know that El Sancho also has a curious tie to clean cooking?


That’s right, amigos. El Sancho is not only a fixture of Western literature, but a restaurant! The first restaurant in the nation to install a clean cookstove from InStove, that is. The owners became familiar with InStove during a music festival a few years ago, and turned to InStove when they decided to put down roots in a permanent location.

“It’s kind of our backbone,” Barvels said. “Without that thing, we just couldn’t do it”

Bend eatery to debut super-efficient stove – The Bulletin, Bend OR

Pasqual is proud to partner with InStove to help alleviate the burden of cooking smoke in Latin America. Here’s a video from Google’s Tech Talks series, with Fred Colgan and Assitan Sylla Traor.

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