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Ok, we’re back. While we were gone, a disturbing problem arose. The problem was this: people don’t seem to know what we are going to do with all this clean cooking business. We’ve got solar ovens and improved cookstoves, we’ve talked about poverty in Latin America, we’ve talked about the dangers of cooking smoke. But what does it all boil down to?

We won’t rewrite a long discourse about the various topics we have discussed before, but we will highlight some previously mentioned bits. Before this, please watch this short video from Chef Jose Andres, ambassador for the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Try and put yourself in the place and frame of mind he’s talking about before you read the rest of this post.

So, let’s start with the basics:

Who: Pasqual is two people, Kyle & Mara. We are partnered with five companies; EcoZoom, InStove, Solavore, One Earth Designs, and Wonderbag. These companies produce improved cookstoves, solar cookers, and heat retention cookers. They are small by business standards, and focus all their energy where the most impact is. Their budgets are razor thin, and they simply do not have the time, money, or people to cover all the areas of the globe where people need their poverty-breaking products.

No food replicators for us 😦

What: Pasqual’s current focus, our Three Year Mission, is to go where no one has gone before. That may sound a little cliche, but it is more or less accurate. We have a concept, bringing compatible clean cooking technology together in a cooperative fashion, that has never been implemented in the field on any real scale. Our mission is to investigate the feasibility of this concept by traveling (driving, actually) throughout the 21 countries of Latin America (Central & South). We are in the process of developing the research guidelines with our local university (New Mexico State University), which will be completed by the end of this calendar year. While we are in Latin America, we will be meeting with people who use three rocks to cook, people who use clean cooking, government officials, and other agencies working on clean cooking. We have to see what works, what doesn’t, what didn’t, and know why. We have to meet the people in order to understand how to frame the solution.

Why: Because people are dying. Because people are trapped in a cycle of poverty. Because people just don’t know there is a solution at the gates, waiting to come in. But we have to do this the right way, because people have tried before and failed.

When & Where: IF things go according to plan, we will leave in early 2018. Beginning in Mexico and moving south, we will spend three years driving through 21 countries. After this is complete, we will return and take the fruits of our research and incorporate either a 501(c)3 non-profit or a B Corporation, which ever will best fit the results desired. We will then begin to implement pilot projects in various countries, once again based on the results of our research.

How: Do you see that little countdown in the upper left corner of the main page, right underneath our Pasqual logo? Today it reads “10 days to go”. Well, in ten days the fun starts. Pasqual will be launching a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo’s new platform, Generosity. You see, our partners are stretched thin as it is, focusing on places like Africa and Asia where need is the most acute. This is why we are focusing on Latin America, it has been overstepped. Our partners do not have the funds to carry out this research themselves, not even as a cooperative team. Our retirement income will provide for our daily expenses, but it will not provide for our vehicle. So, Pasqual is turning to you, the Concerned Citizen.

Courtesy of our friends John & Linda, from the great State of Alaska!
Not the exact vehicle, this one is in use by our friends John & Linda, from the great state of Alaska! We plan to build something similar.

You see, we are like all of you. We need to sleep and eat, and move from point A to point B. Problem is, in Latin America point B may take a little more effort to reach than here in the US of A. And when we get there, there isn’t going to be any electricity or sewer hookup like in a handy RV park. We need a self-contained unit, rugged enough to handle the rough country and the long haul. We have done our homework, believe you me. There is a long litany of reasons why we have chosen the particular configuration of our vehicle, if you have any questions I’ll direct you to the forum where you may ask them to your heart’s content.

We need your support. We need you to spread the word about Pasqual, share it with your friends and family. Share it with your social network. We open our campaign on April 1, and we want to make a big splash on Day 1. The bigger the splash, the more attention our campaign gets: a synergistic effect.

Grassroots Only Go So Deep

Please, Pasqual lives and dies by your support. This is the time when one person can make the difference.   – Kyle & Mara

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