A Problem Without End? Not on Our Watch!

We’ve touched on the topic of poverty and how it is a cycle that has to be broken before, but there’s always room for a little more perspective. As humans, we easily lose touch with things. Friends, family, the outside world, all are fair game.

For today’s lesson, we are sharing a short video about poverty in Latin America, this time focusing on child labor.

Poverty has many sources, and is a multifaceted problem for sure. Pasqual takes aim at one of these sources, and we are shooting to kill. Cooking is a time, energy, and fuel intensive process that affects the poverty cycle in many ways. Please see our older posts for more info…

Day 2 – Cooking Smoke – The Numbers

Day 17 – Helter-Skelter

You looking at me?

Don’t lose touch. Help Pasqual break the cycle of poverty in Latin America through appropriate clean cooking technology.

We have an exciting announcement coming soon, please stay tuned!

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