Int’l Women’s Day and Clean Cooking

This just in, women are disproportionately affected by cooking smoke-related illnesses, among other issues! Wait, this isn’t really news, it’s been known for some time.

The Global Alliance for Clean Cooking know about it, and they even know a few of us fellas who are concerned about it as well.

In the process of filming the documentary Dukale’s Dream in Ethiopia, I saw firsthand the serious health and environmental impacts of cooking over open fires. Women and children suffer from respiratory illnesses by breathing smoky air each time they prepare meals for their families. We need to raise awareness about this deadly issue and improve women’s health by providing access to clean cookstoves and fuels.” – Hugh Jackman

Want a little more?

The Alliance’s successful market-based, multi-stakeholder model has helped an increasing number of women and girls have access to clean cookstoves and fuels as consumers, users, and market players. The UN Foundation is proud to be a founding partner of this initiative that is contributing to women’s empowerment through tangible solutions, and also contributes to environmental protection, energy access, public health, and economic development.” — Ted Turner

Please take a moment to read the full article at the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves website…

20 Men Who Care About Clean Cooking – GACC

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