Partner Post – Solar Chefs Series: Interview with Chef Kwame Onwuachi

Reposted with permission.

As we continue to pick the brains of Top Chef contestants who’ve tried their chops (pardon the pun) on the SolSource Solar Stove, today’s spotlight is on Chef Kwame Onwuachi, Executive Chef at The Shaw Bijou in Washington, D.C. A caterer’s son, he started his own catering company at the age of 20, and got formal training in classical French Cuisine at the Culinary Art Institute. Approaching cuisine as a global medium, Chef Kwame summarizes his philosophy of cooking as telling a story through food.

We caught up with Chef Kwame Onwuachi after the solar cooking challenge.

Courtesy of One Earth Designs
Courtesy of One Earth Designs

What’s the don’t-miss-it dish at your restaurant?
The 100-day dry-aged Wagyu Beef. We have a dry-aged Wagyu program at the Shaw Bijou using domestic Wagyu that is out of this world, the flavor profile that it picks up after 100 days is amazing and unparalleled!

What did you cook up on the SolSource Solar Stove for your Top Chef challenge?
I cooked seared scallop with brown butter croutons, avocado mousse, and a blood orange vinaigrette.

Tell us about your SolSource cooking experience.
My cooking experience was amazing, I was able to get a really good sear. Jose Andres said [the scallops] were cooked perfectly! I was able to use it for so many different techniques. I couldn’t believe the intensity of heat that it had!

What would you like to cook next on a SolSource?
I would love to make a spicy lamb ragu! I could only imagine how the flavor a would develop just simmering with the power of the sun for a couple hours.

So yet another world-class chef showcases how to conjure up world-class cuisine with the power of the sun!

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