Partner Post – Solar Chefs Series: Interview with Chef Carl Dooley

Reposted with permission.

You might have caught our blog post about Top Chef contestant Jeremy Ford, but in these days of celebrity cookery, more and more chefs are clamoring about the culinary potential of the sun. Today we’re talking to Chef Carl Dooley, getting ready to open The Table, his new restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

What’s the don’t-miss-it dish at The Table?
Terrine of venison and venison liver with matsutake mushrooms, asian pear, and smoked pine nuts.

Yum! This definitely sounds like a dish not to miss.

This is Chef Dooley’s first gig as Executive Chef—although, at the time we spoke with him, he was chef de cuisine at Craigie on Main in Cambridge. Describing his cooking style, Carl says, “I translate my travels and experiences through the cooking process, paying respect to my mentors while trying to create something personal and unique.”

We caught up with Chef Dooley shortly after he’d finished a solar cooking challenge on the Bravo TV show Top Chef. He told us about is experience using SolSource Solar Stove on the show.

What did you cook on SolSource for your Top Chef challenge?
Chorizo-stuffed Medjool dates with yogurt, harissa, and pistachios.


Tell us about your SolSource cooking experience.
I thought the stove was awesome! More powerful than I expected. I think it has huge potential to positively impact communities around the world.

What would you like to cook next on SolSource?
I would love to make a braise or stew, something that could cook all day using only the power of the sun!

Solar Chefs Series: Interview with Chef Carl Dooley

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