Extra Extra! – Non-Smoker Gets Lung Cancer at 30

“A few years ago, I diagnosed a young woman in her late 30s with lung cancer. She was a non-smoker. Throughout her treatment, she kept saying, ‘Why me?’ Such cases are becoming more common now,” he said. – The Times of India

A lot of research and news related to pollution and cooking smoke comes out of India, and for a good reason. Cooking with solid fuels is prevalent, and Delhi has the worst air pollution in the world. And, as we mentioned earlier, cooking smoke is one of the prime sources of air pollution in India. So, is it really surprising that lung cancer rates are rising?

“Till about a decade ago, less than 10% of all lung cancer patients were non-smokers. This percentage has now gone up to around 20%, which is significantly high. Rising pollution levels may be playing a role,” said Dr P K Julka, professor of oncology at AIIMS, on the eve of World Cancer Day. – The Times of India

20% of Delhi’s lung cancer patients non-smokers: Doctors – The Times of India

All this discussion of air pollution and negative health effects reminds me of a post we put up not too long ago. You know the one? I called Mick Jagger a liar, but only in a certain context.

Many would say that medicine is both an art and a science, and I certainly wouldn’t disagree. There are studies proving contradictory positions on many health issues, but I haven’t heard of a study which proves that smoke from solid fuel cooking fires is good for you. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any cooking smoke lobbyists out there looking to clean up it’s public image.

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