Grassroots Only Go So Deep

It’s politic’n season out there, and the word “grassroots” gets thrown around a lot, probably more often than is really deserved. I think we all identify with the nature of any grassroots movement, that being one derived from the “people” instead of “The Man”. Who doesn’t root for the underdog some of the time?

Well, folks, I’m fairly sure that Pasqual qualifies as a grassroots movement. Heck, right now it’s just my wife (shout out!), me, and our partners. Last year, we came up with the idea of bringing competitive clean cooking companies together, like some kind of international peace summit. We convinced them that they should work together, with us. With teeny tiny little bitty us.

It's all hugs and kisses now...
It’s all hugs and kisses now…

There are a lot of big movers and shakers working in the world of clean cooking, like the United Nations and Shell Oil. That’s great, they bring experience and deep pockets to the field. But the ground is also littered with small guys like Pasqual. Heck, even our partners look small compared to the big guys.

At Pasqual, we embrace our small size. It makes us nimble, able to quickly react to a developing situation. But I misled you earlier. Pasqual is not just me, my wife, and our partners. Pasqual is all that, plus you. We need you, and we don’t want you for your grass roots either.


You are our roots. You hold us up, give us the strength to carry on. It’s a lonely world out there, and Pasqual faces many challenges. The deeper our roots go, the better we can face those challenges. We don’t need the roots of grass, we need deep taproots, roots that can pull up the water and nutrients from far below. We need roots that can anchor Pasqual so that it can grow tall and proud.

I’ve been cruising the Tweet-o-sphere a lot of late, and I’ve noticed scores of people who have the words “passionate” and “committed” in their bylines. Plenty of people who have the environment or charity in their bios. I hope that every single one of those people is as passionate and committed as they see themselves. I know that I am passionate and committed. My wife even wants me committed, but don’t tell her I told you.

We need you to vote for the underdog, we want you to be as passionate and committed as your bio says you are. We are invoking your power to turn a dream into a reality, we need you help make Pasqual a success.

In April we will be launching our crowdfunding campaign, with the goal of paying for our vehicle which we will use to visit the nether regions of twenty one Latin American countries. We need a self-contained unit, capable of dealing with some pretty sketchy roads, keeping us housed and fed for three years, and going where there simply isn’t an infrastructure for tourists. Don’t fret right now, we have relatively modest aims and budgets.

But a crowdfunding campaign without a crowd is like having a party on the Titanic after all the lifeboats have gone. Right now, Pasqual is suffering for lack of an audience. We have a message, and I believe in it’s relevance, but right now that message is blasting into empty space.

He's not pointing out that mustard on your tie.
He’s not pointing out that mustard on your tie.

Please, all you passionate and committed people, help Pasqual spread the word. We really need you, now, to tell your friends and family about our mission. Make it your mission, make our success the bright spot in your day. Re-post our blogs, re-tweet our tweets, sing of Pasqual from the rooftops. Be the difference between success and failure.

In the last decade, we’ve seen hordes of people come out of the woodwork to help make ice chests with built-in blenders and card games about exploding cats a reality. Can’t we make that same success story come true for a humanitarian cause? You know we can, and you hold the key.

Don’t you want to look back and say that you helped end the tyranny of cooking smoke? Yes, the old “power of one”. It’s real, as real as you make it. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes, by the man who made the Ford Pinto possible.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t… you’re right” – Henry Ford

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