Mick Jagger Was Wrong

Surely you jest! Take it easy, folks. It’s still okay to seek sage advice from your favorite rock & roll band, they would never lead us astray on purpose. But when Jagger croons about time being our our side, the science says otherwise.

Lungs have long memories. People who inhaled urban smoke and toxic fumes decades ago are still more likely to die of respiratory and heart disease, according to the most detailed study yet of the impact of past air pollution on recent death rates. – New Scientist

People today are still dying early from high 1970s air pollution – New Scientist

Remember our post from a few weeks ago in which we discussed air pollution in China and India?

Here’s a fun fact. Indoor pollution levels from cooking smoke are, on average, 50 times greater than the WHO guidelines for small particulates. That’s like taking the air in Delhi (the world’s most polluted city) and distilling it till it was ten times stronger, then releasing it into your own home. Every day. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. – Me

Take that information and add it to the article from today’s New Scientist, and you’ll see that it doesn’t add up to sunshine and rainbows for our Cook.

You see, even if we got clean cooking solutions into the hands of all the world’s cooks today, the effects of all those years of breathing cooking smoke would not magically disappear.

So, where does that leave us? This new data serves to highlight the urgency of the issue. It reinforces the need to get these clean solutions into the hands of our Cooks as soon as possible, because it takes time for the full health benefits to be realized.


Guess who doesn’t have that kind of time?

Pasqual has teamed up with the best players in town to help develop a new way to get clean cooking solutions into the field. We are on a journey to get the job done, to stop with the old ways and start with the new ones. We want you to come along for the ride, what good is a bus without passengers?

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