Reality Check

UPDATE – This post is NOT political in nature… I kinda goofed on the intro, my apologies. If you haven’t watched the attached video, please do, this man is a treasure of our age.

I can contain myself no longer. Our purpose at Pasqual is not political per se, but politics is an inevitable part of life. Politicians make decisions for us, and the world, every day. Some of these decisions are good, some are bad. Likewise, some politicians are good, and some are bad. Some we hold in high regard, others we cast into the fire.

I got you, didn’t I? No, the purpose of my post today is not to discuss US politics or those who live by this sword. Certainly these fellows have a huge impact on global poverty and the fight against it in all it’s forms, but we won’t be getting mixed up in that mess.

Today I have the great honor to introduce to you a modern day Solomon, chrysanthemum farmer, and ex-President of Uruguay Jose Mujica. He is known as the world’s most humble president, and he has some words for us today about the human condition. It is this human condition that lands us in the position we are in today, but it also gives us the tools we need to get out of this hole, if only we focus on the good and right things.

My thanks to the makers of the movie Human.

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2 thoughts on “Reality Check”

  1. Thanks for sending this Kyle.  The Uruguayan president has captured it all in a nutshell; it’s very moving (I had to stop it several times to wipe my eyes).  I only wish others had this attitude.  Then there might be some hope for humanity,  but we seem to keep making the same mistakes over and over.  Right now America seems to be at its lowest point since 1929, and look what happened then.   By the way, I can’t wait for my stove to arrive.  I’m really looking forward to using it.  

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