Clean Cooking Showcased at COP21

Did you know that unimproved cookstoves contribute to global warming?

It’s hard to imagine that something so small can have such an impact, but if you have any doubts just lay down on an ant pile and see what effect those little devils will have on you.


But impact the climate they do, to the tune of 20%. That’s right, unimproved cookstoves are responsible for a twenty percent of the total rise in global temperatures. It is for this reason that the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves hosted a one-day workshop during this historic meeting.

The scientists emphasized how the household combustion of solid fuels impacts ambient air pollution, as well as the important public health benefits of clean cooking.  The global effects of local emissions was evident from new research presented demonstrating the clear connection between warming in the Arctic and household fuel use in Asia, particularly due to emissions of black carbon and ozone precursors. – GACC

I’ll direct your attention to the overview, given by GACC Chief Executive Officer Radah Muthiah, which makes quite a concise summary.

Overview – Radah Muthiah

If you are keen for more details, charts, and graphs, check out the rest of the presentations made during the workshop.

Clear Evidence on the Health and Climate Co-Benefits of Scaling Up Clean Cooking Showcased at COP21

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