A New Addition to the Family

Today we get to welcome a new member into the Pasqual family, Wonderbag.

Wonderbag is a South African company that produces and distributes heat retention cookers, (aka haybox). They work by using the heat already stored in the food to help finish the cooking process, and can save our cook over 50% of her fuel and the time she would have spent tending to her stove.


They are an important component of the Integrated Cooking Method. A cook can use her improved cookstove or solar cooker to get the food to the appropriate temperature and then place it inside the bag for as little as 20 minutes, or up to 3 hours, depending on the food being cooked.

Using the Wonderbag can also help our Cook make better use of her improved cookstove when cooking for a large group, for example. She can get the food to the boiling point and put it in the bag, freeing up stove space for another pot.

Hayboxed food can actually be better for you, and tastier, than food prepared exclusively on a stovetop, because most of the cooking takes place in the 180°F to 212°F range (82°-100°C), rather than at a constant 212°F (lower temperatures preserve more flavor and nutrients, as they also do in crockpot cooking and solar cooking). -Solar Cookers Int’l

Please add a comment and help me welcome Wonderbag to our team, their participation is vital to our project!

As always, we need your support too. Please take a moment and share our story and webpage with your friends and family. Without you and our community we cannot move forward.

Thanks again from Kyle & Mara…

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