Day 7 – Houston, We Are Go For Launch

Or is it go for lunch? I can never remember. Space research has brought us many of the wonderful things we enjoy every day, such as cordless vacuum cleaners, memory foam, and the ubiquitous anti-gravity treadmill. Well, maybe some of us should enjoy the anti-gravity treadmill a little more often… either way, research is cool. Did you know that NASA did not invent the rocket stove?

Wait, did you say rocket stove? Rockets are at the top of many a schoolboy’s wish list, but is the kitchen really the place to let Timmy’s dreams attain reality? What if I told you YES?! As it turns out, the kitchen is the ideal place for our Cook to use her wood-fired rocket, albeit for slightly more mundane reasons than hoisting freeze dried Neapolitan ice cream into low Earth orbit. Enough tomfoolery, what the heck is a rocket stove, and why would our Cook want one in her kitchen?


This, dear friends, is the Zoom Versa, by our partner EcoZoom. It is slightly smaller than a 5 gallon paint bucket, but is a far more efficient wood burner than a 5 gallon bucket could ever hope to be. It even beats our old nemesis Three Rocks by a factor of 50%, and has 70% lower emissions. It uses a combination of insulation and air flow to help improve combustion, turning the very smoke itself into fuel. The Versa is designed to burn either wood or charcoal, but there are many variations on this simple design. One burns only charcoal, the Zoom Jet for instance. Let me introduce Versa’s young cousin, the Zoom Plancha.


This fella was designed for the Latin American market, taking into account regional cooking preferences. Latin American cooks tend to cook indoors, and need a large surface for cooking one of their delicious staples, the tortilla. It has the advantage of having a chimney, helping to exhaust any remaining cooking smoke outdoors.

Our friends at InStove have designed a rocket stove with a cooking capacity up to 100 liters, which is the metric equivalent of a plethora.


This baby is for a community or large group such as a school or church. It also has the capacity to pasteurize water or sterilize medical equipment, so more bang for bucks is achieved.

At this point, I want to take a minute to thank EcoZoom and InStove for joining with Pasqual, we simply could not exist without them. Can everyone line up and give them a big pat on the back?

Stay tuned, tomorrow we get to meet the other half of the Pasqual equation!

To be continued…

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