Day 5 – Preparing to Take the Stage

All is not lost, dear friends. We have heard about the dangers of cooking smoke, and about the hungry habits of the traditional “three rock stove”. They are but a mere dark lining to our silver cloud. We at Pasqual are working with the best in the industry to develop a menu of technologies that are perfectly suited for our Cook, and it is our ultimate goal to develop a sustainable, appropriate, affordable system making them all available to her.

I’m just itching to reveal our cast, but the time is not yet upon us. Before we get to them, I need to introduce a concept called “stacking”. Cooks stack when they switch between fuels or methods when the situation dictates, we all do it. Want to come home to a hot beef stew when you’re tired from work? Throw it in the crock pot. Need some delicious buttery goodness to go with that late night movie? Zap the popcorn in the microwave. We tailor our cooking habits to fit our daily needs. Cook is no different, but when she only has access to Three Rocks she has little choice but to invite his twin brother when cooking space runs short. Obviously this is not ideal.

Our partners all represent clean cooking technologies that stack, but in an efficient and healthy way. And the problem with Smoke is that he is so bad, and capable of causing negative health issues when he is present in even small quantities, that he needs to get kicked out of the house for good. He can take his buddy Three Rocks with him too.

The challenge of getting our technologies to Cook, and educating her to the degree required to swear off Three Rocks forever, is daunting. Language and culture represent a large, multi-faceted barrier. It is important that Cook not only identify with those seeking to change her ways, but aspire to be like them. Inadvertently, the industry created barriers themselves by offering products which became negatively associated with impoverishment, failed to provide adequate education, or offered products which were sub-par in quality. Logistics presents another barrier, as well as a sustainable financial model. Three Rocks are free, not much else in life is. Innovative solutions must be developed to help Cook overcome the financial barriers which separate her from clean cooking. The last piece of the puzzle is support. Who can Cook turn to when something breaks? This piece has been the bane of development projects, because once the funding runs out who is left to provide support? Pasqual seeks to develop a system that overcomes all of these obstacles, and at the same time provide Cook with a range of options than can suit both her needs and finances.


But lets get back to the idea of stacking, how it relates to Cook, and what tools Cook may have at her disposal that stack well. The stacking concept has been studied and streamlined into a process known as the Integrated Cooking Method (ICM). ICM is based on these technologies…

The Integrated Cooking Method seeks to limit the amount of fuel used to the lowest possible level by encouraging cooks to start with the smoke-free power of the sun. When cooking with the sun is not possible, due to weather or time-of-day, the cook will switch to the fuel efficient wood stove. The heat retention cooker acts like our crock pot, once brought to a boil the food has enough energy to ensure it is fully cooked as long as it can be insulated. The combination of these three technologies allows a cook to save as much fuel as possible, eliminate smoke from her kitchen, and gives flexibility with how she can prepare her daily meals.

Since I’ve heard that patience is a virtue, I’ll hold off a bit more before introducing our partners properly. In the meantime, go zap some popcorn and relax.

To be continued…

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