Day 4 – Character Development

We’ve met the antagonist in our play, Smoke. He’s quite a naughty fellow, and he isn’t alone. Let’s meet his buddy, Three Rocks. These two make quite an ensemble, you won’t find one without the other. Three Rocks is the progenitor to Smoke, and he’s been around a long time. But what are the origins of Three Rocks? How did he get caught up in all this?

Strangely enough, he was invited in. Too bad for us, he brought an uninvited guest with him, and they look like they packed for a long stay. Food doesn’t seem too interested in cooking itself, fortunately we have fire at our disposal. Well, Three Rocks is here to help! He helps keep our food out of the fire, and gives our hard working pots and pans a place to relax. But Three Rocks has a dark side, and we need to shed a little light on it. Like our protagonist, the Cook, he’s a hungry bugger. Cook finds herself in the precarious position of having to house and feed Three Rocks, or else.

Remember our statistic from the other day about household expenditures for fuel? Some Cooks spend as much as 25% of their daily income feeding Three Rocks. And he’s a glutton, eating far more than his fair share of Cook’s meager resources. On any given day, Three Rocks can consume more than twice as much wood as necessary to help heat Cook’s food. Remember our discussion about “time poverty“? In an effort to keep Three Rocks fed, Cook has to spend twice as much time gathering wood or twice as much money purchasing fuel. This keeps Cook from performing other, more economically useful tasks.

Three Rocks is a multifaceted fellow, he doesn’t just heat Cook’s food. He’s worked his way into the fabric of Cook’s home, providing light and heat. He even plays a ceremonial role by housing fire, which has cultural and religious significance for many in the developing world. Smoke even gets in on the action. Sure, he causes many maladies, but at least he helps keep insects out of the home. For these reasons, Three Rocks place in the home is relatively secure, and it takes a very concerted effort to convince Cook that she can find a better housemate. And believe you me, there are plenty of alternatives to Three Rocks.


As I said, Three Rocks isn’t the only game in town. Pasqual’s mission is to bring some relief to poor Cook, and we have assembled an all-star team for the second inning.

To be continued…

– Kyle

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